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Hi there! I’m Anna Joy. Wife, detail-obsessed event designer and lover of putting pen to paper. Vino & Vows is a creative outlet for me. An outlet for everything from style to stories, entertaining tips to travel diaries.

I believe in sharing with and learning from each other. I believe that it is even more inspiring to get real than it is to get pretty. Let’s talk about designing a jaw-dropping event, what we love to wear and how to have gorgeous hair. Let’s also have conversations about giving back, living well, and how we can help each other.

This is a place where I am excited to share heaps of wedding planning tips and swoon-worthy inspiration, but also dive into something even more beautiful than the big day – After the vows.

You will probably learn very quickly how much I love my husband, Derek. When I’m not designing soirées or writing my heart out, you will likely find me snuggled up with him at home (or in front of our favorite gelato shop with an ambitious dose of lemon sorbet).

All in all, these pages are just filled with things I love. Plain and simple. I believe that every day is meant to be celebrated and every moment is an opportunity to create beauty and add joy to this world. Thanks for celebrating life along with me!

love, Anna Joy

Vino & Vows

Vino & Vows