Italian Honeymoon

When it came time for us to choose where to jet off to for our honeymoon, there was really no deciding to be done.  Both Derek and I had our hearts set on Italy, the one place we had always wanted to visit together one day.  We couldn’t imagine a more perfect time to travel there than after our wedding, to celebrate the beginning of our marriage in one of the most romantic countries on earth.  In the years we were dating and engaged, we were so lucky to experience fun, tropical vacations together. We already had incredible memories zip lining in a rain forest (I have a really exciting story about getting stuck half-way down a line, seven-hundred feet in the air!), parasailing, sipping on piña coladas in cabanas, and hiking to waterfalls. We knew it was time for a different kind of adventure. There is far more to Italy than relaxing with a glass of Prosecco, though, and I am so excited to share all those details from a trip we will never, ever forget.

Every city we stayed in truly deserves a devoted post of its own. There is just so much magic to every one. Over the coming weeks, I will be writing more in depth about each destination we visited and sharing all of our favorite places and spaces to explore, relax, eat and drink. Until then, here is a peek into our adventure and the many places we saw (and loved).


Over the course of our honeymoon, we made limoncello in Sorrento, rode a Vespa around the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, sailed from Positano to Capri, saw the Blue Grotto, hiked the towns of Cinque Terre, went kayaking in Portofino, swam in the calm seas of Santa Margherita, rode trains through the Italian countryside, strolled the streets and gardens of Florence for hours (and I had a full-blown claustrophobia panic attack while climbing to the top of Il Duomo), soaked in the beauty of Siena, enjoyed wine tasting in Tuscany, and marveled at the ancient structures of Rome.

We quickly learned that it is never too early, too late, or too often for Prosecco. We ate gelato every single night and I don’t believe a day went by that we missed an opportunity to eat pasta or pizza (I think there is an unwritten rule that when you go to Italy, you leave your carb-free diet at home). As someone with celiac, I was in heaven – the entire country is so gluten-free friendly and takes food allergies very seriously (and with a smile instead of acting as if you are a bother). The restaraunt owners and chefs take pride in making the most delicious (and fresh!) gluten-free pizza, pasta and baked goods. From ice cream cones to croissants, just say the words “senza glutine” or “Io sono celiaco” and be prepared to be served the best meals and treats of your life. (If you are interested in a post devoted to eating gluten-free in Italy, let me know in a comment below!)


I can’t wait to dive deeper into each of these lovely places and share more photos, tips and stories. Check back in soon! Follow along with me on Instagram here & here and be sure to subscribe with your e-mail to stay up-to-date with Vino & Vows.